The Joy of Modular: Exploring the Buchla 200e at BuchlaWorks Site

For many, the notion of producing sound by patching spaghetti-like nests of cords in hardware is a historical curiosity. Even among those who appreciate this hardware for what it is, conventional wisdom says such instruments aren’t really modern. (Don’t even ask the various universities who gave up on using and maintaining the gear entirely, relegating […]

Yamaha Releases Tenori-on Videos, Site, Launch Event Details — Coverage Wanted!

Atom Heart, looking in this shot a bit baffled by Iwai’s new Tenori-On. Can you create a new electronic musical instrument and make it succeed, without relying on the models of the past? That’s the ongoing challenge of instrument design, and it’s one that’s been largely ignored by the incremental revisions of most large music […]

Peter Kirn - August 12, 2007

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