Musical Crutches in Action, Handmade Music Makers Converge Again on NYC

One of the wonderful things about music in general is that basically anything can become a musical instrument — digital, electronic, or otherwise. The barrier to entry is neither skill nor means, but will. (or is that general craziness?) Musician and builder Eric Johnson surprised us at the last handmade music get-together in Brooklyn with […]

Memory, Love, and Music, at the Edge of Being

Footsteps from the abyss of total unawareness, musician and musicologist Clive Wearing has two lifelines: love and music. Suffering from an amnesia that robs him of nearly all memories beyond a few seconds, these bring him back from a waking death and become life and being itself: “I picked up some music,” Deborah wrote, “and […]

Peter Kirn - September 19, 2007

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