Want a killer app for Nintendo DS music making? How about scratching, digitally downsampling, and transmitting MIDI wirelessly (for sync to other effects on a computer)? Yeah, thought you might be interested:


  • load .wav file or live-recorded audio
  • scratch
  • pitch control
  • FX “Retrig”
  • FX “DownSampling”
  • Midi OUT (wireless)
  • stylus control
  • NDSMotion control

I love the distinctive digital-sounding effects and the integration of visual feedback with stylus control. Version status is “pre-teta-alpha demo”, so use with caution, but it is freely available for download.

Protein: DScratch
Via Octatone on the CDM forums

Ready to put together a Nintendo DS music studio? Here’s some help:
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Two things I find amusing: one, that the music games built for DS haven’t been as much fun as homebrew music “tools.” Two, that there isn’t something like this as a built-in instrument in Ableton Live. Attention, developers, on both counts.