osculator More reasons you love OSC? You can get input from a SpaceNavigator 3D mouse, and translate the data into Max/MSP/Jitter, Quartz Composer, VDMX5 (as mentioned earlier today), Processing, and other tools — plus everything else, via MIDI. The solution: the inexpensive Mac utility OSCulator, covered this evening over on CDMusic:

OSCulator for Mac: Alternative Control, Now with 3D Mice, AppleScript, Combos

3D mice, eh? Suddenly navigating those 3D generative graphics built in Processing for a live performance starts to sound more appealing, huh?

Earlier today:

VDMX5, Now with OpenSoundControl – Everyone Else, You Listening?

So, yeah, we will have to do that “dummie’s guide” to OSC as promised earlier!