Via our forums, April 22 is the magic release date for Max 5:

Max 5 release date [Create Digital Noise]

And if you’re lucky enough to be near Bellingham, Washington this week, you’ve got pretty good odds on winning the upgrade, plus a 100% chance of checking out some cool stuff. Atomic Afro, CDM regular and maestro of affordable Windows software, will be there.

Max 5 has been a long time coming, and it’s exciting to see the direction the software is taking.

In other news: the site is down possibly not down. So, we’ve learned the entire CDM readership was just sitting at their computers, waiting for the moment that the date got announced. Erm, that or it’s an unrelated bug, but I like the mental image.

As a result, we can’t look at videos of Max 5. We can look at the Monome, however, which runs on Max. What’s Max 5 like? It’s totally like Brian and Kelli’s cat. Just watch the cat. Max is like that now. Softer, more independent. Feline. Four-legged.

Site is back up, so you can check out the sample videos. Thanks, 7oi!