Native Instruments Spark plus Blackbox from Create Digital Media on Vimeo.

Hands-on control is a wonderful thing, as NI founder and Reaktor “mastermind” Stephan Schmitt noted in our story yesterday on his creation Spark. And LFOs are often not terribly interesting. But even using your feet for modulation, you may eventually run out of limbs. So if you want to record automation but keep the human element, a motion recorder is not a bad way to go. Spark is just out, but our NI minisite writer Peter was so into it that he created a motion recorder for himself just to use it:

BlackBox Recorder: Free Reaktor tool to Enhance Spark and Kore

Now, as it happens, you don’t necessarily have to use this with either Spark or Kore, so it’s worth mentioning here. You will need Reaktor to use the patch, though maybe this will give folks ideas for creating something similar with Max or Pd.

It’s a simple tool, but motion recording can lead to all sorts of other ideas. Got a favorite tool for recording human automation quickly? Let us know.