Live Touch Control for Visuals: TouchOSC and vdmx, TouchOSC Editor Coming, the Future is Near

Much as I’m an advocate for live visualists becoming like musicians with eye candy, the needs of the VJ just aren’t quite identical to those of someone doing music, even DJing. But here’s the upside: I think people doing live visuals have even more reason to be excited about control possibilities with devices like the […]

Visual Turntablism: Jaymis Live with Sampology on Serato Video-SL

Last year dj rndm and Robotkid gave us a review of Serato’s Video-SL plugin for Serato Scratch Live. Recently I was able to collaborate with Sampology, a local turntablist, for the last Game On night of 2008. Sam used Video-SL to put together a gaming-themed AV set, and I added a selection of security cameras […]

Jaymis Loveday - January 12, 2009

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