Resolume 3 in action, in a lovely little rig by dingLUKAI.

The folks at Resolume have been hard at work on a big update to the final 3.0 build just released. Bart says he just uploaded this to the server. Now, so far we’ve found the final build to be quite stable, so if you tried the crash-happy beta builds like the early adopter we know you are, now’s the time to revisit this.  Audiovisual recording is also working properly in 3.01, which looks to be a whole lot of fun. Saturday night I watched Devin aka mzo do an elaborate set mashing up the likes of Garbage Pail Kids: The Movie, in front of a room packed with the world’s top game developers. Resolume was rock-solid and performed beautifully throughout.

Here’s 3.01:

Resolume Download Page

This micro update fixes bugs, improves stability and handles corrupt video files better. Recording is fixed once and for all and it now records both audio and video! In the preferences you can enable and disable audio and video recording. We’ve had a lot of fun creating AV samples with the new recording and we hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Fixed Bugs
#540 [fixed] Record 0 bytes
#537 [fixed] Some audio files are distorted when playing backwards
#560 [fixed] Decks in wrong order
#551 [fixed] PC: Keystone and AddSubtract missing
#578 [fixed] HardLight mixer does not work
#543 [fixed] Wipe Down does not wipe all the way
#580 [fixed] OSX: Live input does not always work
#559 [fixed] Compositions list does not show the last item
#561 [fixed] Continue playback is not working with Audio clips
#557 [fixed] White txt on layer blend mode buttons
#562 [fixed] Audio Input channels are not saved correctly
#534 [fixed] BPM 120.50 not possible
#550 [fixed] Some Application Key Map "Deck" Keystrokes not working
#542 [fixed] Beatloopr doesn’t work until swithed to bpm or beats mode (aarrghh)
#545 [fixed] Speed of videoclip isn’t saved
#581 [fixed] Can’t change directory for ffgl & vst directories

Let us know what you think!