The mouths are yelling “yay, a new version of Video Production Tool!” Photo (CC) hc gilje.

HC Gilje’s Video Projection Tool is a powerful, open-source, Max-produced tool for video projection and projection mapping on surfaces. The new 4.0 release adds a whole bunch of goodness, including mixing signals and an enhanced interface:

    • 16 layers (previously 8 )
    • 2 live sources (previously 1)
    • 8 A-B mixers (previously 0)
    • greatly improved MIDI and OSC capabilities
    • enhanced interface
    • monitor preview for 2ndmonitor (single screen, matrox 2x or 3x),live camera.
    • lots of bug ?xes and more ef?cient code.

I had been interested in doing a Processing port – which, in turn, could produce OpenGL results that would be easily adapted to other environments. This fall, I may actually get around to doing that; I may need to because of projects coming up. But if you’re a Max user, you can edit the patches yourself. (If you’re not, you can use the pre-built version.)

Video Projection Tool

If you use VPT, send us the results – even rough experiments are welcome; we’d love to hear what you’re doing and hear how your experience goes!