Commodore Amiga 2000

“Why don’t you cover more…” “Why are you biased toward…” Vocal, or perhaps a silent minority or majority, readers have platforms they choose that matter to their art. In parallel with the sonically-inclined survey launched earlier today on Create Digital Music, we want to know what platforms you use and care about seeing covered on Create Digital Motion, especially as we plan expanded coverage for the coming months.

Dumped the PC for an iPad? Running all your live shows on an Amiga? A PlayStation 2? Whatever your choice, we want to hear about it. Note that this isn’t a popularity contest; it’s a chance to provide a snapshot of who readers are, with data we’ll make available (only the results, obviously, not any private data).

Head straight to this link [mobile friendly, so you can fill out the form even on an iPad or Android, etc.]:

Do it today – survey is closed Sunday, August 8.

Or see the fully-embedded version below, after the jump (RSS readers may need to click through to the actual site). We’ve done this once before with CDMusic but can compare the results, and it’s the first proper survey undertaken on Create Digital Motion. Make it count, and make your choices heard – and spread it around to any fellow readers.

Photo at top: Amiga 2000, (CC-BY-SA) Dan Century.