Kinect Test @ /// Lazercrunk from /// *** this.riley *** \ on Vimeo.

Spotted: Our friend Riley Harmon, experimenting with Kinect as a live performance tool in Pittsburgh, in what I expect will be the first of many such performances coming around the world.

playing around testing the kinect @ brillobox pittsburgh​​
OF, FFT OSC, MSA 3D Shape, Kinect, TUIO

This comes just days after the release of a TUIO library for Kinect, which helps the open source Kinect project to speak the lingua franca of today’s connected visual software, OpenSoundControl (which is open and provides control but doesn’t have to do sound).

It does make me wonder: will you soon be able to earn extra cred doing a visual performance entirely with faders and knobs? (Oldskool, baby!) In fact, let’s do it: anyone care to submit to Create Digital Motion the most impressive use of knobs and/or old-fashioned arcade control? Defend that joystick from the onslaught of this new-fangled Kinect nonsense!

Here’s a closer look at what’s happening behind the scenes:

Kinect, OSC, OpenFrameworks, Visuals from /// *** this.riley *** \ on Vimeo.