It’s the end of another year. And it’s time to do a proper look back at the best of visualism – the best live visual sets, the best interactive visual work, the best experimental motion, and the most significant technologies that emerged in 2010. Too often, lists of “best VJs” focus entirely on clubland and commercial success, while videos and motion graphics stick to conventional work. So, we need your help.

Last year, we had some terrific, thoughtful responses from readers – well worth re-reading now:
Tell Us Your Picks: Top Visualists, Best Work of 2009

This year, to better organize responses, I’ve added a Google Doc alongside the comment discussion; feel free to use either. And what a year it’s been: projection mapping has exploded into the larger eye, projector prices have hit rock-bottom, tiny handheld projectors have come of age, Apple has given us iPad, Microsoft has given us Kinect, the open source community has really given us Kinect… the list goes on. There are definitely trends in both significant artists and technologies, and the two go hand in hand.

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See also our call for the Best Music of 2010 on our sister site.

Let us know your favorite work. Submit once and often. And we’ll look back at 2010 to bring us into 2011.