Hey, Jitter fans: jit.artkmulti is an external for Max/MSP and Jitter that brings the powerful, marker-based augmented reality capabilities of ARToolKit to Max. We’ve seen a lapse in interest in marker-based tracking, I think, with the advent of technologies like Kinect, but it’s still useful for certain applications – and this makes it really easy to play around with if you’re a Jitter maven.

This appears to be early in development – see the caveats in “known issues”:

Hard coded for 640 x 480 : other dims don’t work, changing dims causes crash.
Only one jit.artkmulti object at a time, multiple objects causes output to cease.
Only 4 markers supported at this time.

But, on the other hand, this could already be just the tool you need to bring something different to a project or performance. And provided you own Jitter, it’s free. If you do create something with the tool, send us the results!


Open source code available at GitHub, if you want to contribute (or even do something crazy like port to Pd/GEM).