Numerology is a sophisticated Mac modular step sequencer, capable of brewing patterns from simple to elaborate using combinations of note-making building blocks. It’s also a powerful host, opening up signal routing and modulation to AU plug-ins.

Version 3.1, released this week, may be a “point” release, but its two additions are significant. First, it’ll run as a VST plug-in in any host, which adds direct MIDI routing from plug-in to host. (Somewhere, plug-in developers are nodding, knowingly – AU may be more commonly associated with the Mac, but VST can be a better choice even for Mac users.)

Second, as you can see in the video, you get some tasty new real-time pattern recording modules. Out of the box, they’ll run easily with Novation’s inexpensive Launchpad controller, though you could adapt them to other controllers, too, if you wished. Check out the video to see it all coming together.


Numerology’s updated Launchpad mapping with realtime pattern recording into the DrumSeq, PolyNote and MonoNote sequencers. The laptop is running Ableton Live with three instances of the Numerology VST, as well as Camel Audio Alchemy for synth lead and NI Massive on pads. The drum sounds are from Numerology’s DrumKit module with a patch designed by Jason Wolf of Tripl3Tone.

All of this is yours in two editions:
Standard (US$129)
Pro (US$199) with multi-output support for hosted Audio Units, OSC support, custom scale quantization, and advanced modules

Thanks to developer James Coker – and glad I can prod him to release videos with these software updates.