In a stunning, surreal set of tests, our friends at Bologna, Italy-based Apparati Effimeri are using stereoscopy and projection mapping to muck with the fabric of what you perceive in a garden or architecture. The results would make Dali go buy a six pack of beamers. There’s little to say other than to have a look, but here’s their description:

A week of video projections and tests to experience the 3D stereoscopic technology applied to mapping, first-hand. The Apparati Effimeri collective came back to studio aware of the huge possibilities that the stereoscopic tool can offer to mapping technique. In addition to the by this time “classic” mapping on architectures, the video projection was realized directly inside a garden. There are, needless to say, Infinitive potentialities. Coming soon this report will be available for stereoscopic vision directly on your 3D Monitor.

We’ll be watching, you infinitive potentialities, you.


And yes, they’re right in line with my idea of projection mapping as the ultimate in Neo-Baroque aesthetics:

Apparati Effimeri work in the field of Visual Design, experimenting the possibility to create new links between the past history of human vision and contemporary techniques and approaches to visual art.
The project started in 2008 in Bologna with the focus on bringing up to date the idea of displays typical of the parties in the past, especially during the Baroque period.