Labeled as ready for IDM or “Braindance” music, The Uncanny Sequencer could be something tasty for those tired of regular rhythms. The creation of Julien Bayle, The Uncanny Sequencer is a graphical, generative, multi-part sequencing Max for Live device built for Ableton Live. At its core, it creates polyrhythms and irregular rhythms by making the appearance of each beat probabilistic rather than determinate.

Thanks to Julien for sending this our way. (Matrixsynth and Synthtopia deserve credit for being faster.)

Features, as described by its creator:

  • 8 channels (meaning 8 sequencers in one)
  • from 1 to 32 steps in each channel (every number choosable)
  • generates MIDI notes to any devices (inside or outside Ableton LIVE)
  • based on probabilities
  • unique sequences generation
  • huge presets bank engine (including morphing between 2 presets)
  • 10 pages documentation

€15,00, available for download.