In code and 3D models, in live visual performance and augmented architecture and dance, in VJ sets and futuristic 3D demos, shows and games, visualism extended to new ways of transforming perception. For just one slice of what happened this year, entirely by the numbers, here are the stories that scored the most page views in 2011 – not necessarily the most significant stories, but those that ranked largest in traffic, which to me is at least an interesting metric in terms of what garners the greatest attention and audience.

Let us know your favorite stories from 2011, too, on CDM or elsewhere. And see where your musical counterparts’ eyeballs went, too, on Create Digital Music.

The countdown to the most-read story starts … now:



Make a Building into an EQ, More MadMapper Projection Mapping Tutorials

While here it ranks at number 9, it’s tough to overstate the importance of projection mapping generally, and the MadMapper tool here – seen even as stories from past years soared to the top readership on the site.


Codify: Elegant, Creative Coding Directly on the iPad – No (Other) Computer Needed


Survey: Which VJ – Visualist Software Do You Use Live?

And the results: What Visual Software Readers Use: Some Clear Favorites, Plenty of Diversity, in Census Results

1. Modul8 (28.5%)
2. Resolume Avenue 3 (25.6%)
3. Vidvox VDMX (19.4%)
4. Apple Quartz Composer (19.3%)
5. Max/MSP/Jitter (16%) *
6. Processing (15.4%)
7. vvvv (10.2%)
8. ArKaos GrandVJ (8.4%)
9. Resolume 2.x (8.1%)
10. Isadora (6.9%)
11. OpenFrameworks (5.8%)
12. Pd/GEM (4.3%)


Open Source Match Move: Camera Tracking in Blender, Plus Tutorials on Mac Builds, Compositing

By the way, I ran into a core Blender developer in Eindhoven, NL in November. We’ve got a lot more Blender talking to do in 2012, as this year wraps up with a big new Blender release.


Scanning the Universe in 3D: The Hottest Kinect Video Yet?


Running Live Visuals for The Glitch Mob: An All-Access Pass Behind the Scenes

Probably an easy reader favorite, and certainly one of my favorite stories this year, thanks to Momo’s in-depth reporting of what made the tour tick.


New TouchDesigner Goes Gold, with Free Sharing, Ableton Live Sync, More

Side note: clearly one of the tools of the year, TouchDesigner touched many of our biggest stories.


Kinect-Augmented Reality, as Projection Mapping Meets Depth Sensing (Hint: It’s Awesome)


Gameduino is a DIY, Open Source Game Platform Built on Arduino That’s Ridiculously Awesome