Wirelessly streaming video has been a hot topic for readers here who own iOS gadgets, starting with connecting Apple computers and mobiles:
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Now, here’s another fun streaming tricks from our friend Paolo Tosolini. Using either a Mac or a Windows-based PC, you can now connect an iPad or iPhone to an online audience, as explained in this video tutorial. Yes, you’ll also need a Google+ account – otherwise known as the “cool version of Facebook no one seems to use” – but Hangouts can be useful even if your friends only use that social network with the big blue bar on the top. And it seems some sort of remote VJing or iPad app parties are called for here. The details:

This tutorial explains how you can broadcast the contents of your iOS device to a live audience using Google+ Hangouts on Air and YouTube.

To make this work, you need:
1) An iPhone 4S, iPad2 or iPad3
2) An application called Reflection by Squirrels LLC (http://reflectionapp.com)
3) A Google Plus account

The magic happens thanks to Apple’s technology called Airplay, which allows you to mirror your device to your PC / Mac via the Reflection app ($14 – free trial). Google+ Hangouts then shares the mirrored window to you audience, and the ‘On Air’ features does the live streaming via YouTube. Simple, isn’t it?

Another great tutorial for the same author:
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