six short stories about… from Vlaicu Golcea on Vimeo.

The ubiquity of the classic subtractive synthesizer could make you think that its sounds are limited to familiar sounds. But it simply ain’t so. Part of why I think these designs endure is that it remains possible to coax new musical gestures, to voyage through new timbres. And so, with a small dose of Reaktor, Romanian composer/musician Vlaicu Golcea coaxes beautiful and surprising sounds from the Moog Voyager.

In a strangely synesthetic experience, these sounds match perfectly the choreography. I’m often a fan of creating musical spaces that don’t touch each movement of the body individually, but here, I have to say I think the results are compelling – as if the dancer is moving through some charged sonic environment. As the composer puts it:

sometimes we simply forget that our body has its secret life that doesn’t concern us…..
an aura of audible waves is triggered by its interaction with everything that surrounds it
choreography and performance by Özlem Alkiş
music by Vlaicu Golcea
produced by Vlaicu Golcea
shot by Andrei Gâţu
at ZonaD Studio Paradis Serial – Bucharest 2012