Jace Rupture, the man who makes plug-ins mystical. Definitely counts as Advanced Ableton. Photo: Xabi Tudela, courtesy DJ Rupture.

Tekserve is known to many New Yorkers as the place they go when their Mac is in trouble and need of repair – a place so infamous, it made an episode of Sex in the City, with a waiting room as tense as that in any hospital.

But it can also be a terrific hub for tech and knowledge. Amidst many gatherings of Ableton users, the meetup that takes place at Tekserve is heavily tilted to advanced knowledge. Fortunately, you can absorb that wisdom from anywhere in the world, not just on the island Manhattan. Our friend Ben Casey shares the latest episode. It’s ninety minutes of Ableton skills, a master class featuring the likes of DJ Rupture. (Also speaking: Ben, Nicholas Shelestak, Brian Jackson, Adriano Clemente. A great roster all around.)

Another reason to love New York, apart from Tekserve: Shocklee, who co-presents these supercharged Ableton events. (Yes, that’ll be the organization run by Hank Shocklee of The Bomb Squad/Public Enemy.)

It’s worth going deeper into what Rupture is doing; Dutty Artz spoke to him in his studio a couple of years ago. Great viewing:

DJ Rupture – an introduction from Dutty Artz on Vimeo.

And NPR covered his work on those mystical plug-ins on All Things Considered over the summer. Being NPR, they even corrected “Dutty Artz” to “Dutty Arts.” Rupture and Sufi developer Bill Bowen are each featured in the radio piece and the full Ableton video above.

Translation Software For Music Makers

SUFI PLUG INS: demo video from Beyond Digital on Vimeo.

If you are in the vicinity of New York, Tekserve and Shocklee are at it again this Thursday the 6th, with additions to the lineup including AfroDjMac, a CDM regular whose free Ableton packs have earned fans worldwide, Thomas Piper (manipulating background vocals, among other things) and Brooklyn grand deck diva DJ Juice E:
Thursday December 6th: Ableton Advanced Users Meetup – At Tekserve

Wish I could be there; we’ll be watching for more video.