My favorite posts don’t easily fit on either Create Digital Music or Create Digital Motion. This one mixes, literally, the meaning of the two. And it results, in the video at top, in some eerily-lovely music. (Album below.)

PixiVisor is software for desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux) and mobile (iOS, Android) that transforms images to sound and back again. Producing sound from images is an idea in a variety of tools. But PixiVisor is unique in that it goes the other way, too: sound can be turned back into the originally imagery as a video. In the demo video here from developer Alexander Zolotov, a simple audio mixer can mix together multiple video sources (in beautiful low fidelity), and add effects. A DIY 4-pole plug connects the signal to the mobile gadget – iOS, in this case.

The video source (and recording format) is animated GIF files.

Alexander Zolotov is also the creator of SunVox, the powerful music making app.


For more, here’s a filter on a Korg monotron used to modify the appearance of the animated GIF:

Alexander Zolotov makes music as well as software. His eclectic ambient music I think is summed up in its Bandcamp tags: “electronic ambient chiptune easy listening experimental idm Екатеринбург”

Екатеринбург, aka Ekaterinburg, is the central Russian town from which Alexander hails. (Full disclosure: I know this because I Googled it. Did you know Russia is big? Really, really big?)

Here’s one selection, the latest – quirky, abruptly-percussive music produced entirely on his PixiTracker mobile music-making app, on an Android phone, no less. (LG E510)

Grab PixiVisor free on desktop, or for two bucks on mobile.

Thanks, LeCollagiste Vj!