Not just another Theremin or KAOSS-style control. Now you're playing with cubes. Image courtesy the developer.

Not just another Theremin or KAOSS-style control. Now you’re playing with cubes. Image courtesy the developer.

Cue the Tetris theme, and start playing music by navigating a field of cubes.

So, you’ve seen X/Y touchpads before, many times, in hardware like the KAOSS Pad (or Lemur, or your computer trackpad). But AeroMIDI 3D does something rather different: instead of just a single X/Y area, you get an array of programmable 3D cubes floating in space, all triggered with waves of your fingers using the forthcoming Leap Motion connect. Use one finger, multiple fingers, different parameters, whatever you like, and notes and control messages are sent via MIDI to your favorite software.

You get three dimensions of control for each finger, if you like, and the developer promises low-latency gesture recognition. The software is available for Mac and Windows.

With Leap Motion apparently on track for a release next month, you could have your fingers on this very soon. And this is the second dedicated music app we’ve seen in development for the Leap, even before it has been released. (Leap Motion recently did a round-up of music apps; more are on the way.) Previously:
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And more details from the developer:

AeroMIDI uses the Leap Motion controller to track your fingers in 3-dimensional space, allowing you to trigger notes and MIDI continuous controller messages. Works with any MIDI software or hardware! Control synthesizers, lighting rigs, DAWs, effects, virtual instruments, and any other MIDI-capable hardware or software with AeroMIDI!

AeroMIDI is the virtual 3D glue between your synths and your fingers. Prepare to create music in a whole new way.

Welcome to AeroMIDI – New Dimensions in MIDI Control!

**AeroMIDI and the Leap Motion are expected to be released in late July 2013.**

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