Audego Motion Graphics Medley from jeanpoole on Vimeo.

Arrange, arrange … render. Wait.


Given that you can jam along with music live, why not do the same with visuals? Quartz Composer’s real-time workflows still appeal for that reason. Australia’s Sean Healy, aka Jean Poole, writes to share how he worked with QC and a variety of other tools to make the process of adding visual accompaniment to music faster and more intuitive. “It’s great for prototyping ideas and developing them quickly,” he says of Quartz Composer, “and these can be recorded in realtime too (with Syphon Recorder).”

Yes, that beautiful, free OS X tool:

In fact, total cost to OS X users here is free.

Sean tells us more:


[The project] uses QC heavily, and in ways that try to emphasise the composition possibilities.

(despite calls of QC’s decay, it retains a lot versatility for video artists.. See related : composition with QC – for visual artists..)

He also uses projection mapping, though here as a way of altering content – projecting onto surfaces, recording to re-capture.

He writes about the project on his blog, which is a great resource on live visuals, generally:
Audego Motion Graphics 2

The tools in action:

VDMX – for real-time clip triggering, compositing and effects,
TV Paint – for generating some animation textures
After Effects + Premiere – for compositing, effects and editing.
Madmapper – for arranging projection of motion graphics onto surfaces.
Canon 7D – for filming of above projections.

I’ll echo what he says about Quartz Composer living on; we’ve heard similar confirmation from Apple developer circles.

More on his research into installation and projection, including how students have worked to mix media and motion, mapping and structure:

Right Here, Right Now: Interactive Installations @ RMIT

There, he works with interior design students to imagine dynamic forms, generative visuals, and fluid architectural structures – liquid, unfrozen architecture.

And here’s more music from Audego, plus animations for their singles:

“Sleepy” is fanciful and wonderful, the work of Negative Films.

Animation: Paul Andrew Rhodes
Post Production / EFX: Steven Lattuca

“Fight,” Round 3 Creative (Vidad Narayan and Bryce McCoy).

More on Sean’s work: