About as compact as you can get, without compromises: the iPad (even mini) alongside Z1 gives you a full-blown DJ rig, complete with dedicated output, headphone cue, control. Image courtesy Native Instruments.

The Z1 already works with NI’s iPad app as well as desktop. Now, you get a full-blown copy of Traktor Pro for your Mac or PC free, too. Image courtesy Native Instruments.

Okay, if you’ve got some old version of your DJ software, or (ahem) a pirated copy, or want to get your DJ rig together from scratch, this month there are really no excuses.

As covered yesterday, AKAI is bundling their new AMX controller and audio interface with a full-blown copy of Serato DJ. The timing for Serato fans is perfect: Serato DJ finally integrates what had been a muddled product lineup (ITCH?) under a single, rebuilt product. It’s tough-to-impossible to DJ well without some kind of basic audio interface and cueing interface, so the AKAI bundle gives you the smallest-yet solution for working that way, whether mainly a turntablists or mainly on the laptop.

At almost the same time, Native Instruments has announced a limited-run offer that bundles their state-of-the-art – Traktor Pro – with both their slim-line hardware models. That’s the TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1, which I see all over the place, also a basic audio interface with control surface for in-computer mixer. The Z1 can also be swapped between your Mac and PC and an iPad – there’s even a cable in the box. The audio interface works with any software, and the mixing control surface is automatically mapped to Traktor DJ for iPad as it is on the desktop.


The TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 is covered by the same deal. It’s not for everyone in the same way the Z1 is, but it offers some unique features of its own – in addition to adding effects controls and cueing, you can use the included touch strip to nudge tracks or loop or manipulate effects.


The NI deal expires after August; details:

I thought we were done – but one last deal. If you’re an FL Studio user, you can now get a copy of Image Line’s Deckadance DJ tool free, in the form of a “solo” (one deck) player you can use inside the program. That’s not going to be enough for everyone, but I could imagine it might still make an interesting turntablist-style instrument or the beginnings of a hybrid live/DJ set. For everyone else, it’s a nice window into what Decakdance can do as a plug-in; the full version supports up to four decks and can even run as a VST in other hosts. (So, for instance, you might load Deckadance as a full DJ tool inside software like Ableton Live, Maschine, or Renoise, adding a synced DJ set right inside a live setup.)

In beta now.

Deckadance SOLO | Beta Testing (via Synthtopia)
Deckadance (full version)