Clap your hands say clap!

And the holiday gifts keep coming. Next up: an all-clapping plug-in.

Yes, Clap Machine does just what it says: it makes claps. Think four octaves of them, even, all very natural-sounding. Now, at first this is the sound of one hand clapping – okay, two hands clapping. You’ll probably want to use multiple notes to get more. (It’s actually a shame there isn’t a control for that, but … well, you’ll figure it out. I might actually whip up a quick Max for Live device to use single inputs from a step sequencer but generate more claps – anyone messed about with ideas with that?)

32-bit. 64-bit.

Mac. Windows.


Natural reverb, with control.

Global volume.

And it sounds really nice. 99sounds have loads of these sorts of giveaways, the output of the Bedroom Producers Blog. For instance:

Free sound effects / sound libraries

Some distinctive vintage bass sounds

99 drum samples (really lovely collection of hits)

and Project Pegasus, a bunch of dreamy synth stuff.

The clap instrument is based on a sound library full of claps and snaps..

Grab the plug-in at:

And for more obsessing over claps: Vintage Clap Trap Synth, Now a Unitasker iOS App; I Love the 80s