We’ve seen the future, and it’s … back to wires.

First, we saw midimux connect any MIDI app or hardware on your iOS device to any MIDI software or hardware connected to your Mac. Plus in a 30-pin or Lightning cable, run some software on each end, and connect anything. Then, we saw the promise of audiomux – doing the same thing for audio streams.

Now, audiomux is available on the App Store, not only individually, but as a bundle with midimux. (The developers initially asked midimux users to wait while that bundle became available, to avoid overspending.)

And, as all of this have unfolded, a number of videos and hands-on tests have demonstrated what it can do. Plus, there’s a new (competing) solution out for Windows users, too, so you don’t have to feel left out. Let’s get caught up.

Here’s a great video walkthrough of both midimux and audiomux by the folks at thesoundtestroom:

If you’re low on cash, they’ll actually reward you with a free license for a short “essay contest” – clever!

Midimux & Audiomux Essay Contest

For just a glimpse of what audiomux can do, here’s a one-minute video:

audiomux and midimux are powerful – maybe more powerful than some people need. If you just need one connection for MIDI between an app and your computer, MIDI LE will do the job free. (I think midimux is well worth the money, but sometimes people do prefer simpler solutions!)

MIDI LE also has one very significant advantage: it’s available now in beta on Windows, whereas midimux is OS X-only.

Windows beta FAQ

It’s the work of Matthias Frick, who originally made it for himself but was inspired – partly by your comments here on CDM – to go ahead and release it.


For more on audiomux/midimux, see our past coverage:

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But regardless of which tool you choose, it’s great to see something simply work over a wire. Wireless can be a wonderful thing, but there’s no reason to be forced into it, or allow it to devolve into something that costs time and effort instead of saves it.