It was the worst of times, it was … the worst of times. The Internet and social media has doled out hate and trolls, democracy-crushing propaganda and tribalist fragmentation. But then, an Internet Christmas miracle happened.

How to even describe “Animals and Synthesizers”? It’s short videos mostly of wildlife and some house cats set to electronic music. It’s a cross of BBC Planet Earth, retro synthwave, and meme-length videos.

That sounds frankly stupid. But the results are weirdly magical, connecting to some deep, visceral place in your mammalian brain that responds both to the cuteness and/or weirdness of nature as well as the tingling sensation of electronic timbres. The works all appear to come from ripped nature videos, with music by whoever is behind the page. Updated: Animals and Synthesizers seems to be Tomer Baruch, a producer based in the Netherlands. See Tomer’s own Instagram account.

But what you get is synesthesia for people who happen to love bugs and sine waves in equal measure.

And that leaves us feeling more or less like we imagine this cat must:

I mean … sharks and bass.

IDM insects!

This bee.

And naturally, there’s enough undersea futurism to bring back the spirit of Drexciya:

The creator has even posted a video of how they made the soundtrack for one of these – think Native Instruments Massive (synth) and Reaper (DAW), though what else would you imagine for an Internet meme score?

The result:

Follow this gang on Instagram and Facebook. And if you can do better with your wildlife-meets-wild-synth sounds, do send it to us.

And you thought the Internet could only make you depressed. Behold – the power of the light side of the force endures!

Thanks to the talented Zosia Hołubowska, witch and music producer aka Mala Herba, for sharing and basically turning this week around entirely as a result.

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