Black lives matter. Just posting slogans isn’t going to help – and people are dying. What can make a difference? Music tech makers are proposing an actual plan of activities.

You can join these manufacturers as a music tech maker yourself – or as a concerned person, either with time or treasure (depending on which you have to spare).

Plug-in maker Valhalla writes with some suggestions:

Valhalla’s humble proposal: donate one day a month of proceeds to the cause, and keep going. These organizations, who have seen a major uptick in support, can go to the mat for protesters, fight on the ground for racial quality, and can help fight the legal battle for a fair election in November.

#DonateADay is the hashtag for the effort.

A number of other partners have already chimed in :

Even music tech personality Andrew Huang has joined in:

Here is an open call for support for community bail funds, right as it’s needed:

If you’re short on treasure but want to spend time, there are also suggestions for volunteer actions.

One I would keep an eye on is your Congressperson, as there is bipartisan support for demilitarizing the police (as reported in The New York Times).

You can also add a little education to your video diet. Right off the bat, Valhalla suggests something you probably won’t see a lot of the music industry and majors post (ahem) – a documentary on alleged music executive Drew Dixon’s battle to combat industry sexual harassment:


What One Woman’s Shattered Career Reveals About the Music Industry [The Atlantic]

Finally, pictured at top – because I can’t stand the sight of another blank black rectangle or white-text-on-black-background: