When you feel like you’re out of ideas, when you’ve obsessed over that edit and that knob, when your mood has gone south… it’s time to stop everything and jam. January doldrums, meet Jamuary bliss.

So let’s celebrate Jamuary. Let me know what you’re working on, any nice jams, and any questions you’ve got about how to make your jams work a bit better or where you might be stuck (even where to begin).

Here’s a hot one from Heat Impact:

This one was first in my Jamuary inbox. And you know how a proud parent keeps their eyes glued on their kid in the third row of the chorus? Yeah, we’re glad to see our MeeBlip geode in all its glory.

Brad from London writes.

Thick analog techno arp coming out of the dual oscillator Meeblip Geode, a powerful mono synth where you can blend between two oscillators that each have a different set of waves. It also has a guitar filter for its low pass filter which can sound awesome if you hit that resonance sweet spot, playing it into the Zoom multi fx pedal to add some reverb and delay.

Check their SoundCloud:

Oh, about that stomp pedal – it’s the Zoom MS-70CDR multi-effects stomp pedal. (See also its sibling the Zoom MS-50G MultiStomp pedal, which I initially mistook it for. They have a ‘bass’ model as well – basically they’re the same pedal with slightly different effects assortments visible mainly by color.)

The Zoom is already a Jamuary favorite, too, in that it’s compact, really inexpensive, and comes with dozens of pretty decent models of amps, processing, and effects. It’s basically like having your computer full of plug-ins in a stomp pedal. I should definitely do a write-up of those sorts of devices soon, but the Zoom may be the most affordable of all the options. (Zoom makes reverb and “bass” models of the same, differentiated largely by which effects are included – well, and color – but same basic idea.)

For MeeBlip, we’ve extended free shipping on geode for USA / Canada, and the European Union. (UK customers, for now the USA is the fastest way to buy, but we’re working on setting up shipping from Germany to the UK shortly, too – Brexit won’t stop you from getting a MeeBlip!)

And you can also check out our MIDI thru kit or splitter or USB MIDI interface for jam sessions.

North America/International: https://meeblip.com/collections/our-products

Europe: https://meeblip.eu/collections/our-products

But having advertised our stuff, I want to know what else you want to know about jamming – and to see more jam sessions. Let us know!