After all this isolation, it only seems right to have a new Age of Love. By which I mean, of course – lush, lush 90s trance presets and everything for free.

The folks at TAL Software make some simply wonderful instruments and effects. Those are well worth investing, you know, some actual money, but they’ve got a full range of free plug-ins, too. Best of all, these all support multiple formats – VST2, VST3, Audio Unit, AAX, and macOS (including native Apple M1), Windows, and even Linux. (You have even more options with some older deprecated 32-bit-only stuff, if you’re looking for something to run for example on an older machine.)

TAL-Filter-2 recently hit version 3 with a slick new design. It’s not only about recreating gated 90s trance effects – a range of luscious sound shaping and tremolo and rhythmic effects are possible.

It’s well worth giving a try:

But Boing Poum Tchak! write us to let us know they’ve made more effects presets for that tool – as a special free download. (Free + free = still free.)

No registration, just a free download:

I think they also work quite nicely as a starting point to some new ideas, too – including some different twists on this now-commonplace effect. At least you can now say you know where it came from. Going back to that, wow, there are a lot of really beautiful details do that remix that people didn’t copy – and the original is really somehow a lot more the Frankfurt sound (plus I realize now that the BBC World News ident completely rips off this track, which is just funny):

I love deconstructing things in this way, maybe for the same reason the only way to get an earworm out of my head is to just go play the track.

But tons of other directions, trance or otherwise, are possible here so enjoy.

And this is a great reminder to go download TAL’s Reverb-4 and vocoder, among others.

You can support this developer at their site:

Free and commercial preset packs:
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