Owners of Android devices may well feel left out as far as music applications, but here’s one promising exception – one with enough advanced control features that it might even justify picking up a budget Android tablet.

DAW IT is a MIDI controller app with a particular emphasis on controlling instruments – even key switching and other advanced stuff you need with more sophisticated sample instruments.

It gives you a fairly impressive bank of possible features from which you can build custom control layouts:

Aux layouts let you combine controls – here some custom macros assigned as buttons for a DAW, plus a 3D controller for expression.
Faders (left) and key switches (right) – plus aftertouch shortcuts.
  • MIDI faders with labels (up to 40 per preset)
  • 3D pads (two-fingered control of up to three parameters)
  • MIDI buttons: 120 controllers with 120 program changes
  • Full MIDI keyboard
  • Key switches
  • For aftertouch, a fader with sustain and hold buttons
  • Aux panel for combining features

I like that it is focused on dedicated features for controlling instruments and soft synths. And you do need a lot of those controls with things like orchestral instruments – even MPE isn’t really enough to map everything.

€14.99 on the Google Play store. (Oh yeah – I guess with Windows integrating Android apps via Amazon’s store, we may soon see more stuff on that store, too.)

There’s a demo of each of these features to make it clearer – music by Constantine Christodoulou:

Full details on the site. Great to see some new stuff happening on Android: