Here’s a nice gift to owners of the OP-1 synth from Teenage Engineering – add this free update, and among other things, your instrument now streams audio over USB.

Teenage Engineering are celebrating the tenth anniversary of their unique candybar synth. Update #243 adds some extras:

added usb audio device in & out
external tempo sync stability improved
when tape is armed and OP-1 receives a play command, recording now starts

The banner feature is that USB audio device in and out, though. So that means instead of audio card, you can stream right into your Mac or PC – or even iOS or Android device (any OS that supports USB audio class). It’s an ideal scenario for recording stuff, especially on the go.

They also say there are some fixes and stability improvements, too. Will give this one a try and – definitely keeping an eye out for what else is happening with the anniversary. Happy birthday and congrats to the teenagers, and now I guess welcome to your tweens, OP-1.

Get it:

Thanks to nd_baumecker for the heads-up and – look forward to jamming.