We live in a chaotic world; only Chaosbyte and – I think that might be a wind-up chicken etched into the front – can truly express the entropy.

From Yogyakarta, Java and Andreas Siagian – aka squaresolid – we get a new instrument, with a first batch ultra-limited to eleven units. (That means hate it if you want; Andreas can still sell out.)

It’s a “polyphonic noise synthesizer,” starting with a drone but then utterly demolishing the bytes through some kind of datamosh/decimation process as a sound generation trigger, according to its engineer. Here’s version 1.0 “genesis” in action, which I guess is sort of the kind of genesis that kills planets and makes Spock relive some violent puberty way too fast. At least I felt the burning of my Vulcan blood:


2 modes: drone and chaos (chaos is polyphonic…)

Wide range of frequencies and textures

And obviously a very cool metal chassis with some serious controls – that prototype is non-final but gives you the general idea.

“Live code” is “consecutively rewritten” from the analog drone sound. Uh… whoa. And yeah that gives you all these glitches and textures.

Preorder form and timeline

Great to see what Andreas is up to; we had the pleasure of getting to host MusicMakers Hacklabs (along with Lintang Radittya) both in Yogya and Berlin, and I dream of one day getting our noise trio back together again after an impossibly fun debut in Berghain. (Honestly, who needs techno when you have noise? In fact, consider this pedal your chance to get into Berlin’s best lineups, clearly.)

All the best to Indonesia from all of us here, I’m sure.

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