It’s the tracker software (Renoise) and sampler-sequencer (Redux) that bring those tools into the 21st century. And now Renoise delivers a ton of new native options for every platform.

Renoise 3.4 and Redux 1.3 dropped in recent days, and wow, do they deliver some modern features:

  • macOS: Native M1 support and a bridge for Intel plugins
  • macOS: Metal-based GUI rendering for enhanced performance, plus audio performance improvements
  • Linux: ARM builds in both 32- and 64-bit varieties, with specific optimization for Raspberry Pi 3/4
  • Windows: Full WASAPI support with both exclusive and shared mode compatibility, plus MIDI and ASIO performance improvements
  • Ableton Link support

See the full changelog on their forum:

Renoise 3.4.0 & Redux 1.3.0 released

Renoise has always been just a gem, affordable, lightweight, deep, a perfect tracker for people who love trackers and a perfect tracker for people who think they don’t love trackers.

The RasPi support is especially interesting because it means the chance to build your own mobile tracker device that runs Renoise. It’s also the kind of flexibility it’d frankly be great to see more of in our music software. That RasPi hardware at the moment looks really appealing, too. I could also imagine outfitting a music studio classroom where the entire studio costs what a couple of license seats cost from some bigger players.

I mean, if what you want is Polyend Tracker, you absolutely should not attempt this – just go get Tracker and enjoy. But if you are the sort of person who loves the idea of sinking some time into your own solution or creating a custom machine that runs this and other stuff, well wow this looks fun. Then again, if you read this site, you may be the sort of person who wants Polyend Tracker, and your own DIY hardware, and something running on an Amiga you grabbed off eBay. Send pics.

The demo is free to try on all OSes, and there’s terrific community support: