This month in London, Warp Records visual collaborator Weirdcore has an intense immersive work on exhibition – epilepsy warning here before the video, for sure.* And let’s catch up with more great Weirdcore action, while we’re at it.

With trippy RGB lights pulsing and inverting acid-tinged neon and color extremes, “the sounds zigzag” and you’re taken into another world – all with a soundtrack by Aphex Twin:

It’s all part of Future Shock, a collab between FACT Magazine and London’s 180 Studios, situated at 180 the Strand.

Here are their words on the exhibition:

Weirdcore is a visual artist whose work has been inextricably linked with electronic music since he began experimenting with Max/MSP in the ’90s, drawing inspiration from the early rave scene to create lysergic visual collages. In 2004, he began to work frequently with Warp Records and its artists, which led to a long-running collaboration with Aphex Twin that continues to this day.

Weirdcore’s latest work is Subconscious, an immersive experience currently installed at Fact and 180 Studios’ new exhibition Future Shock that creates the sense of stepping inside one of his creations. Its three distinct rooms are designed to evoke the feeling of going deep within the inner mind, where high-resolution prints are brought to life with RBG lights and a sparse soundtrack provided by Aphex Twin.

In this film, Weirdcore talks about the evolution of Subconscious, and how its strange visual effect has its roots in his early video work and classic rave videos. “A lot of it is inspired by infinity GIFs that I used to do, like stuff I did for M.I.A. where just by inverting the colours you can have this sense of things coming towards you to infinity,” he says.

Subconscious is showing now at Future Shock, at 180 the Strand, London until 28 August, 2022.

Exhibition details – sad I’m not up to London in time to catch this one, so someone go enjoy in person!

And the official Weirdcore site:

Let’s go wild and catch up with some of Weirdcore’s fabulous work, as they’ve been in on a collaboration with some of my favorite artists here.

Epilepsy warning on all of these, effectively.

This collab was fire, with Alejandra Ghersi up with Weirdcore live (and one of the rare times I’d be excited to share something with “live from Ibiza” in the title on CDM):

Weirdcore is one of the rare artists whose visuals can keep up with the wonderful Gooooose – here for SVBKVLT in Shanghai (article):

Or another production favorite lately, the intense-as-always Slikback from Kenya (I want to see this in a less-compressed format):

Here’s an older one for Peach, but looks just as fresh, vintage 2017 or not:

And more ARCA with lots of rainbow colors on Instagram.

Always watching this ons. Got more visuals? Send them our way. Create Digital Motion, forever.

*Actually, much as I love stroboscopic effects – seriously, they even weirdly calm me down – one recent discussion was, it’d be great to do an epilepsy-friendly visual project. That could be a great collaboration / event series, if anyone’s game.