Cyber Week continues – and most of the deals we picked Friday are still good today. So here’s part two of the guide to “deals your credit card doesn’t want you to know about” – hand-picked from plug-ins to hardware.

CDM earns affiliate revenue from some of these links. Image at top is … my AI dream of a Cyber Monday sale for synths and plug-ins, crowded with people, in some combination of Tokyo and Houston, I think.

Hardware – Reverb

Reverb has big sales on for Cyber Week – the latter through December 4. Those are all here:

Reverb Cyber Week sales

But of course, the showstopper here is this insane bargain basement pricing on the Korg SQ-64 sequencer for USA shipping only, even lower than we previously saw, direct from the Korg USA warehouse.

Korg SQ-64 for $129 (US only)

That comes with a bunch of new recent features, too:

Hardware – Sweetwater

For the USA:

Arturia’s BeatStep Pro is $50 off – yeah, probably one of the pieces of gear I use the most, now using it even more that I’ve gotten into Eurorack.

Novation Launchpad Mini MK3 and Launchpad X are $10 and $30 off, respectively. That’s the latest generation and you can follow along with the Pd tutorial I wrote.

Up to $200 off the Moog Sound Studio Bundles. And they’re throwing in Patch & Tweak with Moog from Bjooks for free, in these already very cute, educational bundles. (You can now mix and match – the Mother-32/DFAM or DFAM/Subharmonicon combos being especially nice.)

Special bonus someone talk me out of buying this round – talk me out of buying a $99 cajon with a free bag!


I’ve written about Showsync’s stuff – like Videosync for Ableton Live and its 1.2 update. Beam and Videosync are now 20% off through December 9.

Hardware – Thomann

Cyber Week deals from Thomann –

First, some lovely modular deals:

Jornalogue’s Morph 4 4-channel VCA + morphing mixer Ground Control performance sequencer – hugely powerful, if you’ve got the HP

Doepfer A-126-2 Frequency Shifter

and a complete Erica Synths Das Kleine Fusion system

Korg miniKorg 700 FS starts to get tempting on sale, sorta; by contrast, the microKORG at $329 makes more sense to me than the software remake (ducks)

Studio Electronics SE-1X 2019, drool-worthy

Roland Aerophone Pro AE-30 on sale for the lowest price I’ve seen

Also, someone please buy a Neumann U87 and tell us how it is. (iZotope Nectar Elements is a weeeeeeeird thing to bundle with it, but hey!)

1010music nanobox razzmatazz – this adorable little box, $359

And if you don’t want the whole set, Moog Subharmonicon is on sale, too

Plus pick up a whole Soundcraft Signature 12MTK mixer for $435 / 498 EUR

MOTU UltraLite mk5 remains one of the best workhorse audio interfaces out there, too

I think my favorite stocking stuffer though is this iMac-ish Crystal Clear Pink Otamatone Classic, to the extent that it doesn’t really so much matter to me what the discount was. Just look:

Music software and plug-ins

Find a ton of deals across all makers in one place on Plugin Boutique – see their deals page:

Plugin Boutique Deals

There’s too much there. Let me dive in and pick some favorites, though:

Eventide Holiday Sale through January 2 – up to 85% off, just tons of good stuff there like…

Eventide Blackhole for $29, ahem

Soundtoys 5 for $229

Arturia Black Friday through December 6, including Arturia V Collection for $299

FabFilter Black Friday up to 25% off through 28th

Overloud has up to 80% off their stuff; for some reason, I really like their Dimension model even though I’m sort of collecting multiple Dimension models at this point

$10 off Cableguys ShaperBox 3 Bundle

Up to 37% off Output through December 5

XLN Audio’s XO & Loopcloud Play Bundle, that clever tool that uses AI to let you navigate through a giant point cloud of sounds, is on sale

Kilohearts’ lovely stuff is up to 50% off through November 30

Sugar Bytes’ deep sequencer and synth and multi-effect creations are up to 58% off (these numbers, sheesh) through November 30

I’ve written a lot about BLEASS; their Megalit synth is 50% off and other things

At AudioThing, Black Friday goes through … December 4 with a lot of great discounts up to 68% off, and nine bucks for their new Bubbles

Krotos are one of the most interesting game/post-focused sound design makers, and you can get Krotos stuff for up to 50% off through December 4, and go score a game

Audio Damage for up to 61% off, essential

Hey, Freakshow are cheating, putting up prices in a hilarious campaign but offering 1% off in a Plugin Boutique exclusive. Perfect for accountants.

Tokyo Dawn Labs is a criminally underrated maker of dynamics processors, especially, including the TDR Molot compressor and it’s all steeply discounted through December 4.

Future Audio Workshop took one of the best kick synths available and made it that much better, and now Sublab XL is up to 74% off

Nothing quite as raunchy and hardware-like as the stuff from D16 in Poland, now up to 51% off through November 29

Cherry Audio up to 91% off through January 2

Glitchmachines up to 89% off through November 30

Softube is on sale including what I’ll dub the now is the time to get that Weiss stuff we all wanted but it was too expensive before sale through November 30

…and Softube’s synths are on sale, including Modular add-ons, also through November 30

Newfangled Audio is 50% off everything, including the excellent new Invigorate compressor – stay tuned for more on how to use that.

You can grab Newfangled’s stuff from Plugin Boutique – so $49 for the new Invigorate

Martinic has 30% off everything through December 5, plus special bundles each day, including on their unique AX73 synth.

Lastly, I want to specifically call out Dillon Bastan’s wonderful Max for Live bundles, and also – his artwork totally wins Black Friday / Cyber Monday. Beautiful, beautiful work. He deserves money just to encourage his graphic design hobby. Dillon, if you want to come work with me – it could be a beautiful team.

Click to embiggen. I love capitalism so much, I will make this a full-sized wall poster, presumably with whatever affiliate cash I can scrape together from this sale. I am a responsible capitalist adult with an eye for great design. Artwork: Dillon Baston.

Commercial Device Bundle without Iota&Samsara (Nov22)

Commercial Device Bundle All (Nov22)

And don’t forget part 1 of the guide, which also has some great tips in comments (thanks!):

Image created with NightCafe Studio.