Now that Bitwig has heard users and made Spectral Suite part of Studio 4.4, it’s worth a second look at how to use the devices. And these approaches to sound are frankly interesting to apply in other contexts, too, so I’m curious to experiment even outside Bitwig Studio. Let’s watch.

The best examples are here in the Harmonic Split video that dropped today. Basically, you can splice up sound by harmonic and then try panning or effects to different components of the sound – or really have fun by starting to freeze:

In case you missed it, they also did a tutorial on Transients Split a couple weeks back:

I’m really excited to dig into this. It occurs it could be a lot of fun messing with this on the effects processing side and using Apotome and Leimma in the browser to explore and managing tuning. (I just came out of a workshop with Khyam Allami.)

Here’s the summary of how they did walk back a previous decision and make this available free of charge to existing subscription customers or anyone buying Studio 4.4, which I do think makes sense:

As I wrote in that article, if you want to check out an older, slightly esoteric approach tot his – but also totally free – check this:

More on Spectral Suite:

Updated: There’s now a fourth video covering Freq Split!