One box, many reverbs – MOD Audio (formerly MOD Devices) is back in action. Their open, plug-in architecture pedalboards just got a load of new high-end reverbs from DoGood Sound, including convolution with IR loading with IRs up to 15 seconds. That sounds greeeeeeeat. (Imagine a big cave reverb on that last line.)

Reverbs were already a great reason to love the MOD platform. With the compact Dwarf, you can load the beautiful, shimmering Shiroverb and gorgeous Dragonfly offerings, among others. That makes the device a great companion to desktop synths or even as the end-of-chain processor for a modular.

MOD Devices were hit hard in the pandemic and associated supply chain meltdown, just like a lot of manufacturers dependent on silicon. Happily for their devoted users and backers, they’ve reorganized as MOD Audio, and their flagship, easy-to-tote Dwarf is shipping again.

That open, Linux-based platform already gives you a ton of effects of every color, with the possibility of combining custom chains and controls. Adding reverbs to the deal though, is likely to get some attention.

The new Convolution Reverb includes an engine with Impulse Response files up to 15 seconds. That’s the sort of convolution processing you expect on your high-end notebook computer, not a standalone device. Now you can load this into pedalboards/plug-ins on your MOD device and go.

They’ve also teamed up with design shop DoGood Sound to add a ton of exquisitely-captured IR files so you get classic plates, synthetic processing, and real spaces. As MOD tells it:

DoGood Sound is a boutique sound designer network that focuses on recording “out of the ordinary” sounds. DoGood keeps searching and collecting ambiance, cinematic, rare instruments and voices. Most importantly at this point: DoGood Sound has one of the biggest premium Impulse Response (IR) collections out there, captured with passion and high-end equipment.

While we have the MOD Dwarf, meanwhile with a convolution performance unmatched for pedals. Together with our algorithmic reverbs we believe it can truly be “A universe of reverbs at your feet.”

Joining forces with DoGood Sounds we are launching a whole series of premium reverb plugins, which are very easy to use. They all come with awesome sounding integrated IRs, carefully recorded, processed, curated and level matched.

The free collection is already well-stocked, with 33 nice IRs. There’s a separate collection focused just on lots of IRs of the classic EMT 140 plate, and another assembling various spring reverbs. Or try a grain silo. Or a dungeon (a real one). Pricing is 15-25 EUR. More in this thread:

Welcome DoGood Sound – we are launching a series of premium reverbs!

The dungeon of this castle is yours, too.

Find a complete selection of reverbs – including the convolution engine but all the others, as well:

Reverb Pedalboards

And their all-in-one landing reverb page and complete collection:

This was already a great reason to use the MOD platform – and now there are more.

It’s a must-have for playing live or focusing on hardware, but good enough that you might also keep the gear handy for studio work, too – it’s nice having mapped, accessible hardware controls, and sometimes good to just commit to some processing rather than tweak it endlessly inside a DAW.

I’m definitely excited to play with these and tote them along for jam sessions and live sets.

Oh, ha – “feet.” Yeah, I use mine at tabletop level, which makes the encoders and buttons accessible, even if it means having to give the pedals a solid whack with your fist. Sure I’m not the only one.

But yeah the Shiroverb alone was enough to want a MOD around. Add in IR responses so you can have effectively any reverb you want? Done.