imagiro’s granulizer Autochroma promises to be what you likely want from a granulizer: fun, liquid sounds to play with, rather than a bunch of overwhelming parameters.

And they’ve certainly done a nice job of the messaging on this one, from the cozy, twee color palette to the pretty twinkling sounds. (Speaking of instant ambient, indeed!) Watch:


3 simultaneous grain streams
rolling resample buffer
large preset library
4 highly customizable modulators
play with live audio, or existing audio files

And they encourage you to play with this as more than just a granulizer, making it ” a drum thickener, a wow filter, a radio effect, a chorus, and even a reverb!”

The pitch: build one for fun (“like having a day off”), add organic layering with the four modulators and three streams, and always keep 30 seconds saved so if inspiration strikes, you can catch it.

US$40. Curious to try this one.

macOS, Windows, VST3, AU, standalone.