Making shopping notes for your next synth purchase? Just like to stay on top of everything that’s come out and what it can do? Sébastien Noël writes to let us know they made a massive, sortable list of major releases of the twenty-teens and twenty-twenties.


The list tries to cover everything from pocket-sized noise makers to powerhouse polyphonic beasts. Dishing the dirt on features, prices, and how many voices these bad boys can belt out.

Pricing is in US$ and at list price, though do note that a lot of these instruments are selling well below list. But sorting by year or number of voices is actually even more fun, and this is a terrific timeline. I definitely bookmarked this, as it’s hugely useful to have resources like this when doing research.

Oh yeah, and you can sort by voices and sort of have Roland weirdly win with their JUPITER-X and Jupiter-Xm. (That’s it, sorry. If you want to win at synths, you have to buy a new JUPITER. Uh, maybe. Or lie down flat on the keyboard to really maximize your investment when you do get one.)