Take any multisample format (including WAV files), and output in any other multisample format: meet ConvertWithMoss, free and open-source software for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Newly-added: TAL’s excellent TAL-Sampler (pictured).

That’s “moss” as in the name of the developer, Jürgen Moßgraber. And this just added support for the popular TAL Sampler. That brings up an impressive set of formats, including the open lingua franca of formats, SFZ. (SF2 is read-only, but SFZ is what you should use.)


  1. Akai MPC Keygroups (*.xpm)
  2. Bitwig Studio multisample (*.multisample)
  3. DecentSampler (*.dspreset, *.dslibrary)
  4. Korg KMP/KSF (*.KMP)
  5. Korg wavestate/modwave (*.korgmultisample)
  6. Native Instruments Kontakt 1-7 (*.nki) – destination only Kontakt 1
  7. SFZ (*.sfz)
  8. SoundFont 2 (*.sf2) – read only
  9. TAL Sampler (*.talsmpl)
  10. WAV files (*.wav)

Nice one! It even has a pretty easy-to-follow interface.

Go grab it (LGPLv3, source code link there):


PS, if you’re looking for a free tool to play the sample libraries you’ve made with this free converter, look no further than Plogue’s free sforzando (which itself supports SF2, DLS, and WAV conversion). It’s also got Scala support:

Plogue sfzorzando

Of course, with all the formats above, odds are that you can convert to one of these formats and support any number of multisampler instruments (hardware and software).

Jürgen has also made a clip launcher converter for Bitwig Studio, Reaper, and PreSonus Studio One – thanks to DAWproject support, the new open file format.