Okay, visualists and AV folks: Resolume is now on something like a two-month release cadence for Arena and Avenue. This time, there’s everything from vertical text alignment and expanded OSC/MIDI monitoring to vibrance, and – about those Decks…

New in 7.18:

  • Decks Menu: navigate a big library of a lot of different decks (see above)
  • MIDI and OSC monitoring: now does output as well as input
  • REST-API expanded: groups, columns, move effects
  • Refreshed UI: updated Compositions, Group, Layer, and Clip Panels
  • Improved text rendering
  • Vibrance Saturation effect
  • More Wire Shapes: Parallelogram, Moon, Heart and Vesica (that last one is the Christian fish thing, so obviously for the worship market…)
  • Reduced Memory Usage
  • Texture2D channel effects: So, this little detail is the one I find the most interesting – UV-offset, Flip, Mirror, Mirror-Quad, InvertRGB, and Tile effects can now all be applied to individual texture channels.
  • Instantiated rendering option: those who know, know, those who don’t; it’s easiest to see in the video below.
  • Bunch o’ hotfixes, of course…

Resolume 7.18 Released | Decks Menu, MIDI & OSC Output Monitor, UI Refreshes, Even More Improved Text Rendering

Hey, so I tend to cover Resolume because they have an update every time I sneeze. But other live visual software you’re using or want to see covered – or got some news? Let us know in comments.