Fling yourself onto a timbral buzz saw, with brutal synthetic surfaces, and then unleash a pounding groove. Temp-Illusion have released a full-length, multi-camera video of their live audiovisual performance Caustic Surfaces with artist Amir B. Ash, and it is punishingly good.


Caustic Surfaces is an Audio/Visual live set presented by Temp-Illusion and Amir B. Ash. Premiered at Planetarium 1 in St.Petersburg , the project presents an immersive blend of visual and sound embodying contradictive emotions to the audience, using apocalyptic sounds and real time generation of complex visual forms and patterns. Following their previous collaboration, they’ve decided to create an immersive live set, potent to be presented in Immersive environments around the audience, both visually and sonically. By now, the project has been presented in Planetarium One (RU), Mutek Japan (JP), TCS Festival (GE) Mutek AE(UAE)
Credit :
Music : Temp-Illusion
Stage Design and Live Visuals : Amir B. Ash.
Video Director and Editor : Amir B. Ash.
Camera : Ghazal Majidi, Aram Tahmasebi
Set Photographer : Aslan Mohammadpour

I’ve been fortunate to see Temp-Illusion twice now in Germany, at Timcheh Festival Köln (which invited me as a co-curator, thank you so much Mohsen and company) and Tehran Contemporary Society in Berlin. The duo of Shahin Entezami and Behrang Najafi just keeps going deeper into their imaginative powers. And now that they are in Europe, if you’re a booker/promoter, you need to reach out to them and get them on your program, obviously. Let me express a huge gratitude to express to the French visa authorities for that.

Visual artist and art director Amir B. Ash is just as important a focus here. The co-founder of Tehran’s SET Festival, he’s been at the center of Iran’s vigorous and unlikely cultural renaissance, a light artist in the philosophical and technical sense. The visuals here sometimes take on the quality of abstracted architectural ornamentation, sometimes a vapor or ripples on a pond.

See also his Leave No One Behind A/V installation, inspired by the Saline Contine Vecchi and documented earlier this year (also with Shahin, plus Saffronkeira):

There was also his work on the COLDSTREAM A/V set for MUTEK CONNECT 2021, with Idlefon’s music:

That’s off Pend Reworks, which I highlighted previously:

And Failsafe, their current outing, is simply epic. It was a joy to see this brought to life as a live set. Go listen / buy / download, please:

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I can’t wait to see what’s next.