Videoplayer for Max for Live gives you the video clip player Ableton forgot. Add videos, trigger them like audio/MIDI clips, loop, freeze, and add effects with modulation – for free.

Videoplayer isn’t the only Ableton Live solution to do this, but it’s a great starting place for free. Julien Bayle, artist / technologist / teacher, made this and is using it effectively as a calling card for Max training (recommended)!

There’s a nice feature set here:

  • Create MIDI clips for triggering (by assigning names to files)
  • Play once or loop
  • Sync videos
  • Freeze and restart clips with Live’s transport
  • Add Gaussian blur, delay effects
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation

Plus every parameter can be assigned to MIDI, envelopes, modulation (LFO, Envelope Follower), and addressed by Max for Live’s live.remote and live.modulation objects.

Check the videos for more. But this is a great start for other Max for Live and video adventures generally – especially as it’s licensed under a CC-BY-NC-SA Creative Commons License.



And if you’re ready for more video integration with Ableton Live, here are two tools to check out: