Right after the major Tracker+ release, Polyend has a big update for the little Mini: now with Synth Engines, PERC drum engine, USB mass storage, more MIDI tracks, and other enhancements. And there’s a big sale on now, this week only.

Tracker Mini has come a long way. The 1.x sequence improved clock performance and accuracy, but also added major improvements to stereo sampling and workflow. Now 2.0 is all about new stuff – in particular, Synth Engines and that PERC drum synth. That brings it in line with Tracker+ and Play +, including five synth models and drum synth. The firmware is available now as a free download.

Those engines once again – let me just save time for writing other things by copying myself on this (even though you’re probably smart enough to work out what ACD means):

  • ACD single-oscillator monophonic analog synth.
  • FAT analog 3-oscillator synth with drift and detune. (the Minimoogish one)
  • VAP Virtual Analog Polysynth with dual-oscillator architecture and mod matrix.
  • WTFM 2-op FM synth with wavetable oscillators and 3x feedback system.
  • PERC drum machine, which uses just one synth voice but plays up to five drum sounds at once, including dedicated Kick, Tom, Snare, Hi-Hat, Cymbal, and Perc for each kit with lots of tweakable parameters.

WTFM debuted on Play+ and PERC on Tracker+. The nice thing is, if handheld is more your speed, Mini is now a really, really valid option. They’ve got a nice overview video for you:

Tracker Mini downloads

Don’t have a Tracker Mini yet? It’s on sale for around $549 street, a limited one-week sale of about $150 off. (Tempting!)

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Tracker Mini Portable Sampler Workstation [Perfect Circuit]

Polyend Tracker Mini Standalone Audio Workstation [Guitar Center, who are adding an additional 10% in rewards back, too]

Polyend Tracker Mini Portable Standalone Audio Workstation [Sweetwater]

Let’s do the whole spec thing. They haven’t redubbed this Tracker Mini+, but that’s effectively what it is – the Mini brought the architecture that would enable the “plus” versions of Big Momma Tracker+ and Play+. TL:DR version:

  1. Four Exclusive Synth Engines: ACD, FAT, VAP, and WTFM engines provide an
    exceptional sound experience.
  2. PERC Drum Synth Engine: Customize seven unique drums per kit.
  3. Advanced Synth Editor: Full-spectrum sound design control.
  4. Synth and Drum Engine Macro Control: evolve synth tones over time in the step-fx
    sequencer or create custom live controls with 6 multi-macros.
  5. More Tracks: Eight additional MIDI and Synth tracks.
  6. Expanded Song Mode: Song mode now includes 16 tracks.
  7. Enhanced USB: Expanded connectivity with 14 Stereo USB tracks.
  8. Expanded Mixer: Mixer controls for each synth engine.
  9. USB Mass Storage: Effortless file management and storage.
  10. UI optimization: A host of minor UI changes for a smoother workflow.

And everything:


  • Pattern extended with 8 additional MIDI tracks (wish)
  • MIDI can now be sequenced on 16 tracks in total
  • Synth engines can now be sequenced on 16 tracks in total
  • 3 synthesizer instruments with up to 8 synth voices in total (wish)
  • Including 5 models to choose from: ACD, FAT, VAP, WTFM (as featured on Play+), and the new PERC drum synth engine
  • Synth Parameters, Synth Macros pages including patch loader and editor
  • Synth Mixer on pg. 3 of the Master page with separate level control of all three synth engines
  • Reverb and Delay sends for the Line In channel have been moved to dedicated Master Reverb/Delay screens on pg. 1 of the Master page

Performance FX for synths

  • Separate FX which includes Delay/Reverb sends and 6 macros for all 3 synths
  • Updates to existing Sample Instrument / MIDI perform FX, mostly cosmetic

USB storage mode

  • SD card storage can be accessed via Config > USB
  • Configuration for audio over USB
  • Audio over USB setup can also be accessed via Config > USB

CPU overload indicator

  • The indicator appears above the timer in the header when the CPU usage exceeds 85% in yellow, 93% orange, 99% red

Added Destination to FX Description dialog

  • Also updated all FX descriptions to take Synths into account

Instrument Synthesizer functionality (on Instrument Parameters/Effects screen) renamed to Instrument MIDI Mapping to differentiate from actual Synth instruments


  • Perform Pattern length FX wasn’t working with 128 steps value
  • Sometimes Pattern 0 would be loaded when switching patterns or switching between Perform and Pattern page
  • Track names were not saved with the project after restarting the unit
  • Pressing Sample Recorder and then Sample Editor during playback disabled the Cancel screen button
  • After using specific Fill Notes settings/scales, steps in the pattern were disappearing while navigating through the pattern editor. Additionally, in this state sometimes it wasn’t possible to manually edit pattern steps and Tracker could also freeze completely.
  • Render & Load loaded samples in mono (if used immediately after rebooting the device)
  • In Sample Recorder, the Start Point can be moved after the End Point which results in a freeze after cropping

If you want something roomier, of course, see last month’s run-down of Tracker+. This gives you the jog wheel, added grid, more space, bigger display, and crucially, FM radio – though if none of that matters, Mini is obviously the winner: