Hands on: Cong Burn’s Stacks plug-in and iOS app synths, loops, and layers

From the creator of Strokes, Stacks is a unique 4-voice wavetable morphing polysynth combined with a 4-track granular looper. But that description doesn’t really do it justice: modeling and digital grunge combine to make a raunchy instrument that behaves like an experimental studio.

Rare Oberheim OB-1 is perfect as a plug-in: review, Tom Oberheim vid

Falling through a hole in space-time from 1978-1979, the Oberheim OB-1 seems strangely at home as a monosynth (or polysynth) in 2024. GForce made an addictively good recreation in plug-in form – and it’s the perfect time for Tom Oberheim himself to weigh in on his creation.

Resolume 7.21: Transform widgets, group parameters, new tutorials

Resolume Arena, Avenue, and Wire got a nice little bump update as this media server / live visual platform continues to excel. That includes features other environments should copy, like an easy transform widget and group-able, fold-able parameters for inputs.

Bitwig Studio now has some gorgeous themes, thanks to user mods

Bitwig Studio, by default, has one love-it-or-leave-it color scheme. There are contrast controls, but that’s it. Without an official, supported solution, users have banded together to create their own customization – and some of the themes they’re producing look fantastic.

Tesla Berlin factory opens a “rave cave” as Musk embraces far-right

Talk about “business techno”: corporate techno appropriation continues, as Elon Musk has evidently opened an employee-only club space at the Gigafactory Berlin. And it’s emblematic of some political storm clouds gathering over the German capital.

Listen to Palestinian voices Julmud, Baraari, Abul3ees, Shua on NTS

From Bethlehem, tune into a live recording of some of the best MC and production talent Palestine has to offer—and a deep-felt cooling session, like a gentle stream.

Learn to make animated Max and Max for Live UIs: jsui, Figma

If you’ve been dazzled by some of the motion and interaction design for Max for Live tools I’ve shared lately but don’t know where to start in your own patches, it’s all about jsui. And to get you started, we turn to Estevan Carlos Benson.

This site will help you sort out what’s up with minijack MIDI (PSA – reminder)

Here’s your regular, friendly reminder for those not in the know: if you’ve been puzzled by minijack and TRS connections for MIDI, and why none of them seem to work together, one website has (nearly) all the answers.

Free ShowMIDI is the easiest, prettiest way to monitor MIDI; now V1.0

Geert Bevin’s awesome, attractive, totally free, and open-source ShowMIDI has reached the 1.0 milestone, with new features and an updated video tutorial to match. If you’re looking to monitor MIDI on Mac, Windows, Linux, or iOS, your ship came in.

Dump After Effects and use this in your browser, free: motion graphics, video

Nothing to download, no AI (and it’s not training on your stuff), and nothing to pay: Pikimov is a free Web-based motion graphics tool and video editor. It runs in your browser, but your files stay on your machine. In other words, it’s exactly what you wanted.