DIY Day: x0xb0x 303 Clone Chat, and an Open Source Musical Hardware Future

From South by Southwest comes an interesting chat with DIY synth x0xb0x (and MIDIsense) creator Limor Fried: Open Source Physical Objects: Limor Fried and her x0xb0x Synthesizer As someone in comments notes, the idea of selling DIY kits for devices like synthesizers is an old one. But that idea has fallen by the wayside in […]

DIY Day: Create USB Interface, $50 Sensor-to-USB Board

While we’re on the subject of making your own custom musical/visual interfaces, none other than a college friend of mine, Jesse Mejia, has a tip on a great starter board that fills the non-MIDI niche nicely: I’m not sure if you’re working with sensors much these days, or what you may be using to interface […]

DIY Day: Sensors-to-MIDI with the MIDIsense Board

Ready to experiment with sensors for musical (or visual) control, but just want some simple MIDI control so you can use your existing software? An inexpensive, simple, solid option is the MIDIsense board created by Limor Fried (aka Lady Ada), which Limor announced publicly this weekend as a kit. (Some of you already know Limor […]

Art You Can Listen To, Music as a Game: Photos from Cybersonica

Continuing our coverage of the uber-cool Cybersonica Festival, here’s some quick eye candy. It’s just as interesting to watch how people interact with the sound art installations, from the sound “gate” with its nice blue light to the interactive shadow puppets, or this more analog mechanical installation. Curator Chris O’Shea tells me he’s getting lots […]

Mandala Multi-Zone Digital Drum

Hope you’ve been practicing your paradiddles. Synesthesia today unveiled a new digital drum pad called the Mandala. Compromising the drum trigger itself and a “brain” that handles MIDI configuration and produces sound, the Mandala lets you play either internal sound presets or external MIDI devices and soft synths on an 11″ circular playing area. Pick […]

Reason, ReWire are Mac Intel Native; Performance Boosts on Mac and Windows

Propellerhead has just unveiled three updates, Reason 3.05 for Mac, and ReWire 1.7 and an updated REX library for Mac and Windows. The big story is native compatibility of Intel-native Macs for Reason, but that’s not the only story. Just about everyone will benefit from the new versions, on PowerPC and Intel Macs, and Windows […]

Before the Wii: Max Mathews’ Original Wireless Electronic Baton, and More Electronic Baton History

Before Nintendo imagined mass-market gamers waving around a wireless remote to conduct music, digital music pioneer Max Mathews devised the Radio Baton: Radio Baton at the Electronic Music Foundation site Radio Baton image, in a rather cool presentation on alternative controller ideas Max Mathews page at, which contains extensive photos, documentation, and even software […]