Etch Your Own Plastic Records

Very Cool Things has a kit for building an Emile Berliner Gramophone knock-off; record audio by etching grooves into any firm surface, from Ramen lids to used CDs. (Wow — finally a use for those lousy promotional CDs I keep getting!) It's imported from Japan but fortunately includes English instructions. The only bad news is […]

Steinberg Virtual Bassist

Emotional falling out with your bass player? Fear not. Steinberg follows up on their Virtual Guitarist with Virtual Bassist, a combination of bass sounds, sampled phrases and automatic groove generation, and effects. OS: Mac, PC Format: VST, DXi, AU plugin; standalone (ReWire) Cost/Availability: EUR 215, Q1 2005

Marathon RePorter and Griffin XPress Cable

This week brings two products that make connecting equipment to your computer a bit easier. Marathon's new RePorter brings FW 400 and 800, two USB 1.1/2.0, and audio ports from the back of your tower to a handy connector in the front, reaching 5 feet so you don't have to. While it could theoretically be […]

Winamp, Audion No More

Last week, two MP3 players were pronounced dead: Panic retired Audion, its groundbreaking audio app, adding to Mac lore in the process, while the Nullsoft developers left AOL, leaving Winamp with only maintenance updates in its future. It's ironic the news would come in the same week: Winamp launched the MP3 revolution and even Audion […]

Billboard Digital Entertainment Awards

Further proof the world is going digital: there are now even awards for digital entertainment. Here are the winners and losers for digital audio — but where are the tools for digital music CREATION?

[Updated] Westchester Community College Presentation

I've just returned from Peekskill, NY and the Peekskil Extension Center of WCC. It was a great time. If you were there, or are just curious, I've posted some talk notes with links to more info on Ableton Live, MetaSynth, and more. UPDATED: Rumors of the death of MetaSynth were highly exaagerated; MetaSynth 4 could […]

‘AES Eve’ Preview: New Product Roundup

San Francisco's AES conference hasn't even begun yet, and there's already an overwhelming lineup of new products. Here's what's on tap in a nutshell: Applied Acoustics has released the Ultra Analog VA-1 virtual analog synth. Quick take: It's an overcrowded product category, but the $199 price and clean interface means this could be one to […]

Digidesign and CDM on Inside Mac Radio

David Gibbons, Digidesign's Director of Product Marketing and I were both guests on Scott Shepard's live radio show Inside Mac Radio Saturday; check out show notes and have a listen. David focused on the big news from Digidesign: they announced Pro Tools 6.7 this week, with tempo-dependent audio and automation, improved drawing and management of […]