@AES: “Subversive” Hipno Plug-ins Use Color, Game Pads, Webcams

Cycling ’74 has released a new collection of plug-ins I’ve been eagerly anticipating, developed by a team from Electrotap. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill audio effects and virtual instrument: think spectral and granular sound, wild filter/delay stuff, morphing color-palette interfaces, and input from gamepads and webcams: Cycling ’74 Hipno “Subversive” Plug-in Collection US$199 for a whole […]

Earth to Apple: Don’t Ignore Your Pro Customers

So Apple has introduced new video features for its iMac, iPod, and iTunes. That’s great news, and it looks like, as usual, they’ve done a bang-up job. The bad news is, Apple’s pro customers have been more or less in the dark over the past months about a few major issues. That doesn’t mean I […]

@AES: Digital Guitar Stompbox Smackdown

AES is supposed to be about high-end gear for audio engineers, but apparently no one told the sparring rival computer guitar effects makers. In this corner, from Modena, Italy, the reigning champion: IK Multimedia AmpliTube. And in this corner, from Berlin, Germany, the challenger: Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2. Photos and comparison after the break.

@AES: Why Software Guitar FX Aren’t Just for Guitars

When you see a name like NI’s Guitar Rig, or a Swedish babe holding a guitar next to IK’s AmpliTube, you probably think about, you know, guitars. (I can hear at least one of my colleagues at Keyboard Mag groaning, “Ewwwww . . . guitars.”) But look closely at either of these products behind the […]

@AES: PreSonus’ New Handheld Audio Interface, Fully Plugged

AES updates through the week — problem with being at the show is, it doesn’t leave much time to write about the show! -PK Let’s face it: what most people need for computer audio is just an easy way of plugging in a mic or guitar or two. Presonus’ new Inspire 1394 is a bus-powered […]

@AES: Pro Tools 7 — Worth the Hype?

Walking the AES show floor, there is just one company that draws the really big crowds: Digidesign. But while Pro Tools 7 is worth the upgrade for most existing users, there are a lot of features that are eliciting yawns among people I talked to. (The number one DAW saw on demo computers at various […]

@AES: M-Audio ProjectMix I/O Motorized Control Surface + Audio Interface

M-Audio is hot. Where their product line was once littered with tons of products, some cool, some blah, they’ve got a lineup at AES that looks like it could be filled with hits. At the top of my list is the new M-Audio ProjectMix I/O. This box looks like Digi’s 002 interface or Pro Control […]

@AES: Native’s Guitar Rig 2 Strikes Back with Control Stompbox and Loops

Digital guitar software/hardware combos? It’s on. Just days after IK Multimedia shows its new version of AmpliTube with new effects and a new hardware stompbox / audio interface / DI box, rival Native Instruments unveils its own upgraded computer guitar rack with new effects and a new hardware stompbox / audio interface / DI box. […]

The FireWire Electric Guitar

AES: Finally, a guitar you can plug directly into your computer — no strings attached. You may never have heard of BridgeCo, but if you’ve got a FireWire audio interface, odds are their guts are inside. (They make the firmware / hardware platform.) Now they’ve gone and crossed your FireWire interface with a boutique electric […]

AES: Cakewalk Launches Mac/Windows Dimension Pro Synth

Windows stalwart Cakewalk has in fact gone cross-platform (Windows VSTi/DirectX and Mac AU/VSTi). So, why’d they do it? Apparently, they wanted to unleash this serious synth monster on two platforms: think two DVDs, 1500+ sound programs, major layering and easy editing and morphing. More details from Cakewalk after the jump, and I’ll have more after […]