Saxxy: Synthesizer Saxophone-Tuba-Clarinet Kazoo!

It’s a saxophone! It’s a tuba! It’s a clarinet! It’s a kazoo! It’s none of these — it’s Saxxy! I can’t possible top the ad copy to describe this, so let’s just read and enjoy: “Saxxy™ is the fun new kazoo — a sophisticated electronic musical instrument that makes it easy for anyone to play […]

KVR.Almost: KVR Audio Gets Parodied

It had to happen sooner or later: audio plugin news and music software discussion site KVR Audio gets its own (loving) parody site: Almost KVR Sure, some of the fake news posts are sophomoric, but aside from the brilliant “Globosoft has updated Zenith Platinum Pro VX Plus + to v3.0.92.74c” news parody, you’ll find some […]

How to Start a Nintendo DS ElecktroPlankton Band

Yet more Nintendo music-making — this time with the strange and fascinating ElectroPlankton music game for the Nintendo DS. Thomas at MileZero has started a tutorial on starting a “one-man band” using ElectroPlankton: Part one: introduction and why he did it Part two: Working with Luminaria (don’t ask; think you have to try it!) If […]

Great Synth Movies: Revenge of the Nerds (1984)

It’s summer, and that means time to put aside productive things (like trying to sort out Logic’s Environment or fathom advanced programming in Reaktor) and veg out in front of the idiot box. CDM proudly presents the greatest synth-laden movies of all time, in no particular order. The envelope please . . . Revenge of […]

Game Boxes as Instruments: Original Game Boy Reigns Supreme

Looking for a gaming portable that doubles as an instrument? The Micro is tiny, but it’ll set you back US$99: Game Boy Micro launches September 19 in US, November 4 in EuropeNintendo’s Game Boy Micros is just about a month away in the US, but the launch price is higher than anticipated. Will it dampen […]

Patch Bay: Link Love from the Musical Web

Here’s the latest of the must-read links online: Earbuds = ear damage? Portable player use could cause rise in hearing loss [Times Online via Coolfer] Digidesign seal of approval. Digidesign qualifies new Windows XP setups with Mbox and 002 — `bout time. [Sweetwater inSync] Budget Mac audio editor. Sound Studio 3.0 beta now available: “Felt […]

Update on Bob Moog’s Health

(Via Music thing) All my thoughts are with the family and friends of Bob Moog in what sounds like a profoundly difficult time; an update on the CaringBridge page today reports Hospice has been called in and Dr. Moog is facing serious challenges with treatment. Note that the visits counter on that page, which was […]

PHP/Mambo/Web Advisors + Experts Wanted; Mambo Melodrama

Okay, Web gurus, weekend bloggers alike — it’s time to band together. Thanks to your support and contributions, I’ve got lots of ideas for where to take this site in the future. Only problem: we could use at least some light Mambo, PHP, and Web expertise to give the sight a new look, easier navigation, […]

Grand Theft MIDI: Novation/Focusrite Stock Stolen from Headquarters [Updated]

[Updated: Something odd happening with links. My links were posted incorrectly (my fault) but the address from Focusrite isn’t working, either. I’ll post once I get a corrected link from Focusrite. Thanks for your patience. -PK] Important news — please forward as widely as you can, particularly to anyone in a position to watch for […]

Shipping Watch: Miroslav Philharmonik, Sibelius 4, Peak Pro 5, More

Here’s a quick look at new products that are now on their way to you: Orchestral Sound Libraries: IK Multimedia’s massive Miroslav Philharmonik is now shipping, as of today. (Why does that give me images of cellists being packed in crates and loaded on container ships?) Added reason to buy it now: introductory price of […]